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Has your flat roof seen its best?

We have a flat roof solution for you!

We have 3 options for you

  • GRP Fibreglass Roof
  • EPDM Rubber Roof
  • Torch on Felt

EPDM & GRP Roofs come with a 25 Year Guarantee

All work carried out complies with current legislation and building control and is completed under a full public liability policy

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The Fibreglass roofing process - Start to Finish

original old flat roof in derelict state
Flat Roof Stripped
fibreglass roofing resin coating applied ready for the top coat.
grp roofing system top coat applied

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Fibreglass flat roof - GRP roofing systems

What is a Fibreglass roof?

The Science Bit

Well it is a Fibreglass laminate made from cold applied, pre-accelerated, unsaturated polyester resin solution reinforced with chopped strand mat. Then finished with a pigmented polyester top coat and cured with peroxide catalyst to give a monolithic, fully bonded Fibreglass layer of either 450gm or 600gm glass content. In other words it is a layer of Fibreglass laid to a prepared deck to form a waterproof layer that will probably last a lifetime.

The Application

Once the entire roof area is prepared we apply all detail to the new roof. Fixing trims as required forming the first part of the monolithic roof. Once all the trims are in place each joint is carefully laminated with Fibreglass 450gm bandage to provide additional structural strength at all joints and roof detail.

Once the deck and trim details are completed the roof is laminated with our special resins. Our resins are formulated for the job they have to do. They are more flexible than ordinary Fibreglass polyesters, have low shrink characteristics (all polyesters shrink as they cure) have low styrene emissions making them more environmentally friendly and safer to use.

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